Kelpie Pups, Spring 2015

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Litter 1: Muster x Matilda
Burradoo Muster (Burkelodge Becker x Burkelodge Coke)
x Red Wheel Waltzn Matilda (Doss-Tex Gus IV x Doss-Tex Lassie)

5 males, 1 female            Born April 11, 2015

Litter 2: Becker x Bugga

Burkelodge Becker (Nacooma Willie x Moora (V) Spider)
x Kramers Bugga (Karana Digby x Karana Oz)

5 males, 2 females        Born April 13, 2015

Upcomng Litter 3: Drover x BJ

Burradoo Drover (Burradoo Muster x Wranglar Lilly)
x Burradoo BJ (Burkelodge Becker x Burkelodge Coke)

BJ's expected whelp date is the end of April/early May

Planned Breeding: Luc x Ripper

Burradoo Luc (Barcoola Blue x Wranglar Lilly) will be bred to Burradoo Ripper (Burkelodge Becker x Burkelodge Coke)


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