The Working Kelpie Council of Australia Inc.
WKC reg:48307 KHIJ (V51)
BORN JANUARY 9th, 2006
Bred by: Howell, K.J. &L.K. 'KARANA' , Eugowra NSW

Hold on to your hats as Digby is a full litter mate to Karana Abba II, who has won the WKC National Championships twice and is still going strong (check the link for Karana Kelpies for full details). Karana Digby is a big, cool-headed, multi-purpose kelpie that spent the last five years working on a large station in Australia, before being reacquired by Kevin Howell. Kevin has visited us in the United States and we have spent a week each year at his property for the last three years working stock with his champion kelpies. This exposure to the Karana line convinced us that the type of dog that Kevin has been raising would fit perfectly in our harsh mountain country of Montana. During our visit to Australia in March 2012, Kevin and Kay Howell offered Digby to us to advance the Karana line in America. We feel privileged to have Digby and he has made himself at home on the Burradoo Ranch.

Karana Digby has the temperament and is the type of kelpie that will complement our current lineup of dogs that we have purchased from the top Australian studs. Digby has already been put to the test on cattle in Australia and is doing very well on our mountain country cattle and small bands of sheep.

Some may say say “sure he is a nice dog, but so what if his litter mate won a bunch of trials.” Unless you have seen the Australian version of utility, yard and three sheep trials, and compared them to the American and European trials, hold your judgment! In Australia there are essentially no secondary markets for stock dogs, so either the dogs work in real life situations and in field trials or they don’t exist. We have personally observed the Karana dogs working in field trials, 30,000 plus sheep sale yards, 1000 plus stock station situations and cattle work similar to what we deal with in America. These are tough, thinking animals that do NOT need to be whistled to every 30 seconds in order to finish a job.

We will breed Karana Digby to a select few bitches and will be very selective about who the puppies will be placed with in regards to working situations. IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A PUP THAT COMES FROM SOME OF THE FINEST PROVEN LINES IN AUSTRALIA, YOU NEED NOT LOOK ANY FARTHER.

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Bill moving our training flock of sheep to the corrals with Karana Digby