The Working Kelpie Council of Australia Inc.  
-44617 – AJH5G (V-47)
BORN APRIL 14, 2003
Bred by: Arthur Hazlett
Barraba, New South Wales, Australia

Battle was purchased from Arthur Hazlett as a 17-month old dog who, at the time, was sold at a new Australian record price for a working Kelpie. We bought Battle primarily for his excellent foundation blood lines (Driftwood Clyde x Riana Bula) and the fact that Arthur Hazlett considered him the culmination of his 50 years of breeding working dogs. Battle is built solid with lots of leg and he can cover our rough country at a good clip. We work primarily from horseback and that is his forte. We have bred him to two different bitches, Riana Flair (Riana Cap x Riana Spice), who we purchased as a 6-month old pup on the same trip to Australia that we purchased Battle, and Doss-Tex Ringer (Riana Sam x Capree Jedda II). Battle’s pups have been a variety of colors with good confirmation and size. Some of the male pups have been slow in maturing, but once they hit their stride they have shown good sense as ranch working dogs on both sheep and cattle. We continue to follow the progress on Battle’s pups that are now found across the western provinces of Canada and throughout the U.S.A.

We only breed our stud dogs to one or two bitches per year so that we can closely follow the progress of their pups. Battle is available for breeding to outside bitches on a very limited basis.