“I took Pistol & Hank with me on all the fall moves & corral work. Pistol is becoming quite a nice working dog...she has lots of bite and works on her own so natural. I just let her do her thing; as soon as she knows where we are headed....the cows are coming. Hank & Pistol really work well together”.
-Craig and Camille Reesor
Irvine, Alberta
Burradoo Pistol
(Barcoola Blue and Wranglar Lilly, red and tan female, born April 2008)
Burradoo Kelley
(Riana Battle and Riana Flair, blue and tan female, born July 2007)

“We have owned 7 border collies and kelpies that we purchased from Bill and Janice Mytton, and have used them in every aspect of our ranching operation that covers corral work, rolling foothill country all the way to our National Forest permit in the Beartooth Mountains. These dogs are worked primarily from horseback, but are expected to work from 4-wheelers or in the corrals and alleys pushing cattle into the squeeze chute. In addition, they are all considered family and travel literally everywhere we go, with local town’s people asking what is wrong when they see us in a truck without the dogs”. Sherri goes on to state, “during the 2006 Derby fire which consumed our entire Spring Creek Ranch we had to use these dogs in an emergency evacuation to get our cattle to safe irrigated pastures miles from the mountain country they were in. If it hadn’t been for the tireless energy of our dogs and those of the neighbors we probably would have lost large numbers of livestock. We owe a deep debt of gratitude to these faithful friends”.
-Sherri Arnold
Absarokee, Montana
Burradoo Sundowner
(red and tan, female, Riana Battle x Doss-Tex Ringer)

"I took Shawn to a small trial a couple weeks ago.  There were only two of us in the Novice class but he received his first blue ribbon.  I then got really brave and competed in a Texas Sheepdog Assn trial last weekend in an air conditioned arena.  I thought it would be a good experience for him to travel and see new places and realize that he has to work just like he does at home wherever he goes.   We had to load the sheep into a trailer at the end and Shawn had never seen a trailer before but I did prepare him by practicing penning sheep at home.  He did real nice and had no trouble putting them in.  He came in second place.  I'm very happy with his performance.  I'm pretty sure he had fun because he didn't want to leave the arena." 
-Marjie Baehmann  
Palo Duro Canyon, Texas
Owner of Shawn (Riana Battle x Riana Flair)

Burradoo Pistol and Hank get a calf to move along or suffer the consequences. Burradoo Pistol will hit both heels and head when working cattle. Burradoo Sundowner (female) working cattle at one of our fun clinics. Burradoo Sundowner showed a natural ability to work cattle at an early age and is used on the Chris and Sherri Arnold ranches which are located on Spring Creek, West Rosebud River and Country Man Creek areas near Absarokee, MT. Burradoo Shawn (male) working training sheep in Texas for Marjie Baehmann. Burradoo Shawn holding the sheep waiting for another command.