The Working Kelpie Council of Australia Inc.  
50552 – IAG31 (V-53)
BORN JUNE 8, 2005
Bred by: Ian Gilcrist, Casterton, Victoria, Australia

We imported Lilly in February 2008 and were lucky enough to breed her in Australia just days prior to our return to the United States. Lilly comes from the same station as Burkelodge Becker and Burkelodge Coke. We import only adult working dogs with pedigrees that match our needs on our ranch in Montana. In addition, each of the dogs we import has to pass the truth test of working cattle and sheep in large numbers under “real” Australian station situations before we take them to the airport in Sydney. Lilly passed these requirements with flying colors. Lilly was Ian Gilcrist’s personal dog until we convinced him that Lilly should make the trip to America so her superior calm personality and working ability could be infused into our breeding and herding program in Montana. Lilly is a true sweetheart that exhibits real cattle sense and can stylishly work the sheep yards with the best of them. Lilly will back sheep with gusto and push them through the races with plenty of strength, then go to the paddock and bring in a mob of cattle with just a few whistles to help her along. We have worked her in the mountains on some dog-hating cattle, which she handled with her usual quick thinking and stock savvy.

Lilly’s first litter of eight pups, sired by Barcoola Blue, were born in April 2008 and have been sent to working ranches and farms in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Montana and Wisconsin. Her next litter of six pups, sired by Burradoo Muster, were born in October 2010 and sent to New Mexico, Colorado, Montana and Alberta. We kept a male pup from this litter, Burradoo Drover. We have received very positive reports on all of these pups, with several owners of dogs from Lilly’s litters returning to purchase other pups.